Rental Equipment

av-equipmentESG Systems offers a wide range of professional audio, video and lighting equipment for rental in our Allentown warehouse.  Please feel free to review the detailed equipment listings and our FAQ below.

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Sound Systems
Lighting Systems
Video Display Systems
Indoor/Outdoor LED Video Systems
Wireless Microphones
Video Projectors
Slide Projectors
Film Projectors
Video Monitors
Projection Screens
Laser Pointers
Wireless Remote Control Units
Cassette Decks
DAT Recorders
Video Cameras
Powered Speakers
Battery Powered
Sound Systems
Car Top PA Systems
Two-Way Radios
DJ Equipment
Laptop Computers
Portable PA Systems
Stage lighting
Portable Staging
DVD Players
CD Players
Crank-up Towers
Chain Motors



What does ESG have available for rental equipment?
ESG offers a wide variety of sound, lighting and video equipment.  A list of much of our equipment can be found on our rentals page.  There are many items not listed on the website – it is best to contact us if you do not see what you need.

How much do you charge?
The listed prices after each piece of rental equipment are a daily rate.  This rate if for a 1 day or weekend time frame.  If you pick up something on Tuesday and bring it back Wednesday that is a 1 day rental.  If you pick up something on Friday and bring it back Monday that is a 1 day rental.  ESG is not open on the weekends so there is no extra charge.  Look at it as a bonus – if you have 2 gigs the second one is free!

Does ESG deliver/pickup/setup equipment and how far?
Yes!  ESG can deliver, setup, tear down and return your rental.  Labor and travel charges do apply and are quoted on a per job basis.  Skilled equipment operators are available as well.  We can arrange for delivery to just about anywhere as long as the budget allows for it.

How do you calculate the cost for a rental for a week?  2 days?
At ESG a 1 week rental generally costs 3.5 times the daily rate.  For example a wireless microphone is $35/day and $122.50 for a week.  A week is actually up to 8 days – Monday to Monday for example.  A 2 day rental is 2 times the daily rate.   For a specific quote for a time period please contact our Rental Department.

I need a variety of equipment – is there a discount?
ESG will provide a quotation for your needs.  Depending on the equipment involved there can be a discount.  It is best to budget the listed prices and work from that figure.

We only need the rental equipment for 3-4 hours – is there a discount?
Generally any rental incurs a minimum of a 1 day rental charge.

Can we pick the equipment up early?
How early?  If you have a rental scheduled for Friday pickup and Monday return it is sometimes possible to pick up the rental on Thursday night.  When possible we will try to accommodate your needs at no additional charge.

My rental was for the weekend and I can’t make it back Monday – what do I do?
PLEASE LET US KNOW!  We understand that things happen – we just need to be kept in the loop about any changes in your rental return.  If we are notified about the return delay before the equipment is due back we can plan around the problem.  If the reason for not being able to return the equipment is serious we will not access a late fee.  Forgetting about the equipment until 2 days after it is due back is not a legitimate excuse – late fees will be charged!  If in doubt call us.

The dog ate some of the speaker cords.
Hope he enjoyed his expensive chew toy.  Any equipment that is lost, damaged or stolen is the responsibility of the renter.  Be careful with what you rent and who uses it!

Am I responsible for lamps that burn out during my show?
On short term rentals of less than 2 weeks there is no charge for burnt out lamps.  Long term rentals can have lamp charges assessed.

Do I get a refund if something did not work?
All of our equipment is checked before it is picked up and after it is returned.  In the unlikely event that something does not work you should check our a few basic things.  Is the equipment plugged in?  Is the switch on?  If things are not working you should contact us.  After hours you should leave a message in our emergency voice mail box #911 and someone will call you back as soon as possible.  Often times one of our people can talk you through the problem.  If there is indeed a failure we will issue a credit on your next rental for the amount in question.

Why do I need a credit card to rent equipment from ESG?
We require a valid credit card to use as a security deposit for the equipment you have on rental.  This card will be charged in the case of any missing or damaged equipment unless other arrangements have been made.

I want to rent equipment but cannot pay until I return the equipment – is that OK?
All rentals need to be paid in advance or upon pickup.  We do accept credit cards so you can pay with the credit card you use for your deposit.

We have a rental but can’t pick up the equipment – can you help?
Sure, for a fee we can deliver, pickup and setup as needed.  If you only need a drop off or a pickup that is fine as well.

I need a wireless microphone in Arizona – do you ship?
Yes we do – contact our rental department for details.  A full security payment for the cost of the equipment may be required with refund upon return of the rental equipment.

I am at my show and ‘X’ is not working – what do I do?
Give us a call – that is why we are here.  If it is after hours or on a weekend use our emergency voice mailbox at x911.

Our school/church/band/club/business is having a big event – what can ESG offer?
ESG is happy to work with your event planner or to recommend one to you.  We can provide part or all of the sound and lighting that is needed.  Contact us today for more information.

My event is very important – does ESG have the equipment and personnel to handle our needs?
ESG have provided sound and lighting services for events for several Presidents of the United States as well as Fortune 500 companies.  From large scale fundraisers to shareholder meetings, ESG has the capabilities and contacts to make your event go better than you expected.

Can ESG donate rental equipment for my event?
ESG is proud to be a supporter of Camelot for Children, a non-profit non-sectarian organization benefiting children with serious, chronic, terminal illnesses and disabilities.  We commit all of our charitable resources and donations to this one organization.

Our event got cancelled/had a rain delay/postponed – what do I do?
ESG will try to work you in the event of a schedule change.  To minimize the impact of this sort of change please contact us as soon as a problem arises.  Any charges will be decided on a case by case basis.

I can’t make ESG’s equipment work with mine – who do I call for help?
Contact us for free phone support – we will always try to talk you through any problem.

We lost a piece of rental equipment – do we have to pay for it?
Yes, the rental contract that you sign requires you to pay for any equipment that is lost or damaged.  If you are attempting to make an insurance claim or are disputing the problem with another party you are still responsible to pay ESG immediately for the full amount.

Can’t we just call somebody directly with our questions?
As always, phone support at ESG is free.  Please call us with questions and we will try our best to answer them for you.